Perfect but so much more is needed...

Jul 20, 2010 at 5:38 PM


Such a cool application, I love it for its power, simplicity, and elegance.

There are a few additions I need in it though.

I'm a gamer, developer, and super user. 

I need all the power I can scrape out of my system.

So, here are my requests or if it's ok I could add them myself and post back.

  1. Another column to control run on startup
  2. A user notes section so I can type in comments about a particular serice
  3. A way to save / load changes perhapse having specific profiles for switching to 'GAME' mode or 'DEVELOPMENT' mode, etc.
  4. A central online repository where the application can download descriptions of services, warnings of essential services / processes, etc.  This is important for determining what services may be viruses and such as well as configuration.
  5. An additional tab for processes

I want, no NEED a true system manager that makes this easy to switch from one configuration to another.